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Learn Digital Compositing and NukeX using professional grade media and digital assets.

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Compositing is the art and science of combining multiple images into a single seamless result. It's one of the cornerstones of Visual Effects and one of the most important skills every budding Visual Effects artist should get exposure to. While compositing can be useful almost entirely by itself, nothing beats manipulating the pixels of the final image directly, the skills learned in composting can be transferred to shader/surface creation and other C.G. creation specialties. Having a firm grasp of compositing will make you stand out in a pool of generalists. If you find you really love it you can continue to practice and master the art.

Nuke is arguably the most powerful compositing software package on the market, and the current de-facto industry standard. It's safe to say that if you do not know Nuke, you will have a very difficult time getting a job as a Feature or Television compositing artist.

NK101 is designed to teach students both compositing and Nuke at a high level regardless of previous compositing experience. Using Nuke as our playground for exploration, we start at the beginning and cover every aspect of modern compositing, step by step. If you are new to Nuke or Compositing, this is where you should start.

Each lesson covers practical aspects of Digital Compositing Theory and its application in Nuke. The lesson ends with a practical tutorial / assignment, where students may practice the skills demonstrated in the lecture.

All students may contact me directly or via the student and alumni forum. You'll receive instructions via email on how to sign up for the forum after you enroll. 

NK101 includes approximately 16 hours of video training. Please also allot 3-4 hours per lesson for completing the assignments.

After completing all the lessons, students may take a quick quiz at the end of the course to receive a Certificate of Completion.

If you intend to continue your journey beyond the basics, consider purchasing the nk101 and nk201 bundle below and save compared to purchasing them individually.

Aaron Estrada

Aaron Estrada is a VFX and animation veteran with 20 years of experience, 14 feature film credits and several TV and location based entertainment credits.IMDB: Linked-In:

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